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Harring Doors offers the highest quality factory finishing available to the market. Due to the nature of Stile and Rail doors, our products are finished in the horizontal position, allowing for a high solid, uniform layer of one of the most durable products available.

Our catalyzed conversion varnish has performance characteristics that are equal to A.W.I. TR-6. Its non-yellowing, water white formula, was specifically designed for wood surfaces where extreme moisture and chemical exposure is a concern. Applied as a clear coat or as a top coat over our pigmented solid colors, or applied on our hand wiped stains the finish will enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain. In either case, it will hold its clarity over the years, and will not yellow like conventional finishing

Our wiping stains are specially formulated to create a natural stain effect that enhances the wood's unique characteristics by allowing the grain to show through. This leaves a much more desirable appearance than a dye stain, which can hide the natural beauty of the wood, (the grain). Each door is meticulously wiped and checked for the matching of the color requested. Although we have a number of standard colors available, we are also more than capable of matching any color that you may desire. We request that a minimum 6x6 sample be sent for matching.

When interior primed doors are requested, our lacquer based primer is an excellent product for filling the pores of the wood, or wood product, creating a smooth uniform surface (after sanding), that is comparable to none. It exhibits excellent adhesion to wood and its bi-products and is a high quality base coat with outstanding holdout of most commonly used top coats.

For doors that are going to be exposed to the exterior, our finishing system is a postcatalyzed polyurethane (A.W.I. TR-6). It leaves excellent clear visibility of the grain pattern, thus highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. The ultraviolet absorbers that are incorporated into the product; protect the wood from harmful ultraviolet rays. This flexible coating also penetrates into the wood allowing for expansion and contraction of the wood fibers while allowing moisture to escape, and therefore preventing fungal growth that in turn creates cracking, blistering and peeling.

For more information on our factory finishing please download this PDF.